Off-late spices have been getting a lot of accolades for having an exclusively scrumptious taste. The same is now available in Popcorn. This new bond is sure to last long as it is marvelous and can woo any without doing much. A tangy ride filled with joy is guaranteed with them.


Our fondest taste companion- tomato has got lot many forms, but this is the best of the lot as when Popcorn greets tomato, magic happens and this magic would leave you asking for more for sure. The ardent grouping like this is bound to leave all in awe.


Who wouldn’t have enjoyed the taste of salted-turmeric popcorn? None indeed! The authenticity of this taste is very well transformed into our offering here. Simple yet splendid taste of theirs is too good to skip. Movies, matches or merry time, anything can be made better with them.

pineapple punch

These will make you go nuts through their mouth-watering taste. With a combination illustrating perfection, these carry the goodness of crunch and saccharine altogether. These are brought to life to overwhelm your palate while you are busy relishing a concoction of a kind.

coconut crush

Nothing can be better than Coconut meeting Kernel to make Popcorn taste better. This genre holds immense deliciousness to evade any stress or strain. These can take you to a trip of heavenly taste, where your taste buds are bound to experience the novelty of the best feast.

caramel crunch

Cater your sweet tooth along with giving a twist to your tongue. Be it a fun night out or a family get together or just a sweet evening, these would not fail to raise eye-brows. It has got some amazing ingredients that hold a tendency to melt your heart in seconds.