about us

Popcorn for always incepts its journey from a kernel. It’s a corn that puffs up when heated. The journey of Li’l Crunch too incepted from a dream shell which was envisioned by 4 of the popcorn fandoms, Mr. Ajitbhai Gida,
Mr. Bhagirathbhai Gida, Mr. Shivrajbhai Khavad and Mr. Vijaybhai Khavad. Apart from precision and accuracy in work arena, the other thing that these four share; is the love for Popcorn and it is the same affection that pushed them to come up with this venture- Li’l Crunch. The name itself carries a metaphorical sound that is caused when someone enjoys the pleasure of munching Popcorn. The devotion doesn’t end here as the perfection ingrained in this endeavor is extended to the flavor options presented here. Also the machineries and R&D Team brought to the aisle are of the ace league as you just don’t take chances with what you love.